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A Holy Place Dedicated to Chinese All Over the World

Complex cultural tourist attraction

The total planned area of the cultural tourist attraction of Zhonghua County is 2000 mus. The plan includes more than ten types of land use, such as residential land, land for public utilities, land for primary and secondary schools, land for hospital, retail and commercial land, land for hotels, and land for entertainment. With “one park, two axes, four corridors, and five districts” as the layout, and the Yellow Emperor Ding-Casting Cultural Theme Park as the core, five functional areas are divided according to the principle of differential rent and the needs of transportation and environment, namely, cultural tourist area, gateway service area, hotel area, holiday residential area and wellness living area, to build a comprehensive tourism industrial park integrating cultural tourism, vacation and leisure, creative culture, shopping and entertainment, sightseeing agriculture, and health and wellness.

Blessing Square


There is no one nobler than the Yellow Emperor. ——Zhuangzi



The Yellow Emperor is the first man to make clothes and hats, build boats and carts, create music, establish the subject of medicine, build houses, and make Dings. “The Chinese nation was founded five thousand years ago by the Yellow Emperor”. The Yellow Emperor is the ancestor of all Chinese people in humanities and culture. The culture of the Yellow Emperor has nourished the Chinese civilization for five thousand years, developed the spirit of the descendants of Yan and Huang, which is cast in the blood and bones of the children of China, and is the mainstay of the spiritual beliefs of the Chinese nation.

Cooperation projects

Zhonghua County · The Sixth Block is the main commercial street of Chinese Food Street mainly targeting young people. The brands sold on the block feature "new", "strange" and "fun", and we are committed to creating an Internet influencer creative commercial street where tourists can experience, go sightseeing and interact with the street. At present, the Sixth Block is canvassing store orders. Come on! Join us!

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