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Tourist Center

The two Tourist Centers in Zhonghua County Cultural Tourist Attraction are located at the west entrance of China Food Street (opened), and the west gate of The Yellow Emperor Cultural Experience Zone (under construction). Welcome to consult! 

We provide:

·Consulting service


·Luggage deposit service

·Emergency medicine box

Traffic Guide

Xi'an-Zhonghua County (free tour bus)

Bus location 1: Beiguan Cross Transportation Building in Xi 'an, departure time: 8:30

Bus location 2: Xi'an Chengnan Passenger Station, departure time: 9:00

Bus location 3: Xi'an Bus Station, Shaanxi Province, departure time: 9:00, 14:30

Return time: 11:00, 14:00, 16:30 and 17:30

(Note: You can take the bus free of charge if you buy tickets to the Hot Spring of Zhonghua County at the special ticket window on the bus station. There are four return buses every day, and they will depart when they are full. The drop-off point is the Beiguan Cross Transportation Building.)

Self-driving route

Xi'an: 60 kilometers (about 1 hour); Route: Xi’an-Yumenkou Expressway

Xianyang: 87 kilometers (about 1 hour and 24 minutes); Route: Xi 'an Ring Expressway and Xi’an-Yumenkou Expressway

Weinan: 45 kilometers (about 1 hour); Route: Guanzhong Ring Road

Tongchuan: 39 kilometers (about 51 minutes); Route: G210, Fudan Road

Hancheng: 166.5 kilometers (about 2 hours); Route: Beijing-Kunming Expressway

Bus route

Fuping County

Take bus No.1 and No.4 from Fuping (in the direction of Zhonghua County) and get off at Zhonghua County station (terminal station).

Yanliang district

Take bus No.903 (in the direction of Zhenxing Longyou Village) and get off at Zhonghua County station (terminal station).

* Tourists can take a taxi or DiDi from Fuping and Yanliang District to Zhonghua County (cost: less than 20 yuan)

Business Hours

Publicity of business hours of Zhonghua County Cultural Tourist Attraction

Summer: 8:00-22:00

Winter: 9:00-18:00



Publicity of business hours of hotel hot spring and bathing

Hot spring area: 10:30-23:00

Bathing area: 10:00-2:00 (until the next day)

Special notice

For your safety and the convenience of others, please comply with the management of Zhonghua County Cultural Tourist Attraction and abide by the following rules:

1. Please park at the designated space in the parking lot;

2. Do not bring controlled knives, inflammable and explosive dangerous goods and pets into the exhibition hall;

3. Alcoholics and those who have no capacity or limited capacity without the company of guardians are not allowed to enter the park;

Contact information

Tel: 0913-8213888

Rescue tel: 0913-8263086

Complaint tel: 0913-8263088

Address: The middle section of Yanfu Youyi Road, Fuping, Shaanxi (Zhonghua County)

Online Booking
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