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Botanical Garden of the Classics of Mountains and Seas

The beauty of nature in the world all lies in one space

The Botanical Garden of the Classics of Mountains and Seas of Zhonghua County, based on the ancient myth the Classics of Mountains and Seas, puts exquisite gardening, colorful exotic flowers and plants and other garden experiences in one space. As a three-dimensional agricultural exhibition hall for agricultural education, you can find here the teabar that is everywhere amongst the flowers, the mysterious and hazy man-made foggy forest, the colorful and bizarre secret garden, the ingenious flower terrace, and the beast forest...The beauty of nature is fully showcased here, making every visitor feel like being in the paradise.

Shennong Herb Garden

A Customized Farm, Regaining the Rural Home in Your Heart

he Shennong Herb Garden will be equipped with the three-dimensional agricultural diversified planting model and the latest scientific research results of farming robots, to carry out soilless culture, and create a high-tech agricultural pavilion integrating ecological planting and intelligent control. With “Internet + farm” as the core, tourists can claim farms online and conduct online operations, and the offline managers will take care of the farms regularly and create customized farms in the suburbs and enrich the rural life of citizens. At the same time, the project also has a “One-Day Farmer” parent-child activity, allowing children to enjoy science and explore science in relaxing farming activities while experiencing activities such as transplanting rice seedlings, watering vegetables, weeding, fertilizing, and picking.

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