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Zhonghua County

The Yellow Emperor Cast Ding to Create the Chinese Culture

Zhonghua County Cultural Tourist Attraction is a one-stop experience park integrating cultural tourism, vacation and leisure, shopping and entertainment, and sightseeing agriculture. The park has rich cultural heritage, a large number of tourism and entertainment projects, and various kinds of holiday rooms, VIP hot spring pools, outdoor hot springs, Chi You Water Park, Cute Pet Paradise, Tiger Park, Equestrian Club, outdoor exploration and other entertainment projects for sightseers and vacationers to have fun, pursue fashion and experience thrill. If you are interested, please click on the link below to buy the ticket!

Hot Springs Hotel + Hot spring package Tiger Park + Cute Pet Paradise Equestrian Club+ outdoor exploration Chi You Water Park Hot Springs Hotel Fuping specialty
立即预定 VIP+ double hot spring
立即预定 Standard business room + double hot spring
立即预定 Deluxe big bed room + double hot spring
立即预定 Deluxe big bed room
立即预定 Business standard room
立即预定 Sightseeing and chess room
立即预定 Deluxe business suite
立即预定 Tiger Park adults ticket
立即预定 Tiger Park children ticket
立即预定 Cute Pet Paradise adults ticket
立即预定 Cute Pet Paradise children ticket
立即预定 Outdoor training base (same price for big or small bases)
立即预定 Equestrian (riding for one lap)
立即预定 Equestrian (riding for 2 laps)
立即预定 Experience of equestrian teaching course
立即预定 Horseback course + children's palace examination fee
立即预定 Ticket for parents and child
立即预定 Single ticket
立即预定 Hot spring annual ticket
立即预定 Night hot spring ticket (for children)
立即预定 Night hot spring ticket
立即预定 Bathing ticket for children
立即预定 Bathing ticket for adults
立即预定 Hot spring ticket (for children)
立即预定 Hot spring ticket (for adults)
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